Monday, June 30, 2008

The Trip and Fall Club?

I was at dinner tonight at Town Hall and the topic of the trip-and-fall came up. Les, the owner of the Cafe Royale (a really nice little bar on Post & Leavenworth) relayed a story about a sort of unofficial club that existed in the 60's -- the trip and fall club. Apparently, as a member, whenever you saw someone fall down in a public setting, it became incumbent upon you to fall as well -- of course it was unclear whether the original faller was a member, or simply a balance-challenge member of the public.

I love this idea. It reminds me of Improv Everywhere, except without the clique-ish formality -- the only requirement of membership is a lack of embarrasment. Note that a quick google search reveals nothing whatsoever about the truthiness of the story.

So I tried to re-start the trip-and-fall club by myself, in the semi-fancy restaurant. I may have ruined a very nice pair of slacks, but I did get a big laugh from a cute girl on my second fall.

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