Monday, August 07, 2006

Thoughts on submissions

I begged someone to let me photograph the bruise she incurred while at a bachelorette party. I think I must have sounded rather skeevy, and she was rather demure about the whole thing.

Out drinking that night, I spoke to three people who had recently tripped and fallen in ways that could have made for interesting posts. There was the frat-boy-looking guy who crushed his ankle playing basketball. The incredibly odd cab driver to claimed to have broken his ankle in Paris, only then to feel objectified by being used as a, er, sex object by the woman he was visiting.

These stories are nice, but I can't find the hook in any of them, even if the bruise was probably the most impressive thing I've seen all year.

The problem is that the moment of the fall, for the person falling, becomes tangled, confused; nothing makes sense. The humor is lost in the happening - the first twinge of impending fall, the uncertainty and confusion, the final acceptance that the fall is coming - better get ready. There's just too much stuff to process and do while falling to truly get a good grasp of what can make the trip-and-fall bit so thrilling to an onlooker.

So send stories of other people tripping and falling! Someone once said: "Man must dance on his sorrow, and create beauty" And it's like that, except well, you're dancing on someone else's.

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