Monday, August 07, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

Mr. Matthew Sewell mysteriously recalls his childhood:

(11:55:19) BenDistasteful: oh also
(11:55:21) BenDistasteful:
(11:55:33) BenDistasteful: I started a blog devoted to my love of people falling down
(11:57:06) Matthew Sewell: wow.
(11:57:16) Matthew Sewell: I don't know what to say about that.
(11:58:21) BenDistasteful: I need to post up the kurt vonnegut excerpt where he talks about people falling
(11:58:24) BenDistasteful: i think it's in timequake
(11:58:31) BenDistasteful: some of the best falling literature ever
(11:58:37) Matthew Sewell: lol
(11:58:57) Matthew Sewell: is this a fetish thing, or merely an interest?
(11:59:01) BenDistasteful: well
(11:59:06) BenDistasteful: hard to say
(11:59:14) BenDistasteful: at one point it was merely an interest
(11:59:21) BenDistasteful: it may be turning into a minor obsession
(11:59:32) BenDistasteful: but I'm still a few steps shy of fetish
(11:59:35) BenDistasteful: got any stories?
(11:59:45) Matthew Sewell: yeah...
(12:00:23) Matthew Sewell: when my sister was about 2 years old, she was jumping repeatedly off the dresser and onto the bed...
(12:00:36) Matthew Sewell: we told her not to do this because she could get hurt.
(12:00:46) Matthew Sewell: ...eventually...
(12:01:23) Matthew Sewell: she missed the bed and landed squarely in the pocket between the bed and the wall...
(12:02:00) Matthew Sewell: what was funny about this was that for a brief moment...she seemed to have disappeared into some other dimension...
(12:02:33) Matthew Sewell: as she didn't impact either the bed or the wall but cleared both by...
(12:02:44) Matthew Sewell: about a cm.
(12:02:56) BenDistasteful: what did it sound like?
(12:03:16) Matthew Sewell: took her a few seconds to react by crying...delayed reaction.
(12:03:31) Matthew Sewell: it was just a thump....then nothing for like 5 sec.
(12:03:35) BenDistasteful: lol
(12:05:19) BenDistasteful: ok, anything else to add before I post it?
(12:05:52) Matthew Sewell: Maybe just that there was no real lasting her brain still works pretty well.
(12:08:24) Matthew Sewell: Now she's a mathematician at lawrence livermore.

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